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Often, while buying 4wd tyres perth, we tend to get loaded with a lot of extra costs that seem to appear out of thin air. While stretching one’s budget may seem like a small cost to pay for safety, the truth is that your car may simply not need the services offered. Here are 3 such extras to avoid while cutting down on extra costs in tyre sales.

  • Wheel Alignment

One of the most common areas targeted by over-zealous servicemen is that of wheel alignment. Your car is comatose on a rack and you’re probably already freaking out about its health and safety. At this time, if someone comes up to you and says, “Your wheels look a little uneven. Would you like us to fix that for you”, will you really say no? But wheel misalignment is easy to spot- your car might be pulling too much to one side, or the treads will wear so unevenly that you are bound to notice a difference. If none of this has happened, your car is safe. If a salesman proposes a check, at the very least ask to check for yourself, instead of simply acquiescing because you’re there. Sometimes, salesmen even intimate that this service is part of the usual services, but then put it additionally in the bill and hope no one notices!

  • Brake Jobs

Another favorite- who wouldn’t have a heart attack if told that their brake pads need to be checked? But brake pads don’t fall apart often. It is important to keep tabs on the servicing of your car- this way you can tell when it is likely you need a check, and when you don’t. Check for yourself, ask the mechanic for relevant details and be prudent in your agreements.

  • Tyre Patching and Matching Issues

Tyre patching refers to kind offers to patch up your old Tyres that change to dire warnings about how your other Tyres are ruined and you must replace them immediately in order to live. Tyre matching, on the other hand, refers to the phenomenon in which salesmen claim that mismatched Tyres aren’t a good idea, so the other three need to be changed immediately as well, although ultimately the mismatch makes no practical difference in the performance of the car. Both are ploys to get you to buy 3 additional Tyres that you really don’t need. So beware of “free” patching offers and remember that mixing tyres is perfectly okay.

And there you have it- 3 common issues faced by customers during the process of purchasing cheap tyres that drive them (and their bills) up the wall. We hope this article helps you avoid some of them!