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Choices in Wheels and Tyres


4WDs and other off-road vehicles need the right wheel and tyre package to get to otherwise inaccessible places. Owners of these vehicles need to understand their wheel and tyre options, because wheels come in different sizes and choosing the right rims can depend on a vehicle’s type and make. When choosing 4WD tyres, potential customers should look at tread life, wet weather traction and durability. Wheels and tyres are often sold as a package, and they’re a big investment—so they’ll need proper maintenance.

4WD Wheels

These wheels are available in two different types: steel-plated and alloy construction. Steel wheels have been used for decades by the automotive industry. They are cheap and sturdy, but they are also heavy and not very stylish. Alloys are made from a mixture of aluminium and other metals; mag wheels are costlier than steel wheels, but they are lighter in weight and can improve a vehicle’s handling and other characteristics.

4WD Tyres

When a customer buys a set of 4WD tyres, they should consider function first. Because 4WDs go off-road, drivers need to determine how often they’ll be going off the beaten path. If a vehicle frequently goes over steep or rocky terrain, the buyer should choose tyres that are taller than the standard factory tyres. Most vehicles have stickers inside the driver’s door that list the maximum and standard tyre sizes.

Tread Wear

4X4 tyres sydney can be expensive, and it is important for buyers to consider the tyres’ life expectancy. Tyre tread gives 4WD tyres the traction needed to grip slick, wet surfaces. Drivers should review the tyre’s uniform tyre quality grading, which is a measure of temperature resistance, traction and tread wear.


Drivers should regularly maintain and check their tyres to get the most value for their money and to remain safe. Air pressure should be checked regularly with a tyre pressure gauge; tyre pressure affects vehicle handling, tyre life and handling, and incorrect pressure can result in premature wear. 4WD owners should rotate tyres regularly to even out tread wear and prolong tyre life. Finding the right wheels and tyres packages can be simple if one is aware of all their options.